Fair Isle


poor band conditions to say the least again today. 20 and 40 meters being the only bands that really worked for us.

we had some RF issues this morning also, but after a while we had these under control.

we now have our pulleys (x2) in place for raising and lowering the dipoles from the top of the lighthouse and also the 15, 17 and 20 meter vertical antenna. we have a choice of 5 bands to use without having to go outside. both stations are in place and working well with band pass filters in line.

David at the lighthouse cannot not be more accommodating. food is excellent and plenty of it. the weather is good for fair isle. clear skies, so far, with a steady 20 to 40mph wind. just a mere breeze for fair isle.

we are able to be on the air longer and earlier if power permits.

dipoles hanging from the lighthouse and vertical.

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